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‘HNDRXX’ Review: Future’s Most Soul-Baring Album


Future has done it again. After releasing his self-titled project FUTURE last week (Feb. 17), the “Too Much Sauce” artist released another LP, HNDRXX, on (Feb. 24). The work is produced by DJ Esco and features 17 tracks. The difference between this project and his self-titled work? Future has featured artists and gives fans an R&B feel, putting everyone in their feelings.


The FREEBANDZ artist isn’t afraid to get personal on this project. He lays it out on the table in “Use Me” and “Damage” where he admits to being in relationships that affected his life from an emotional aspect. When Future realizes he is close to hitting a breakthrough, he’ll throw in lyrics such as, “Take my kindness for weakness” as he does on “Comin’ Out Strong” which features melodic vocals from The Weeknd. The Weeknd, is one of two features on the album. He admits in “Use Me” that n**gas are full of lies, which reflects on him as a person as well.


The “Draco” artist has been hurt and through this body of work, he is learning to accept that. “Incredible” which is one of the more uplifting tracks, shows Future’s efforts to try and find happiness. The track’s engrossing beat and catchy lyrics, proves that for Future, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. After going through a difficult time, he can smell the roses and feel something incredible.


“Anything we go through is a test of times. Can you be the one who love me all the time?” Future questions the “incredible” relationship on the followup track, “Testify.” His ability to tell a story as the album unfolds is remarkable. He’s trying his best to be trusting because he’s aware he has a good girl. Comparing his relationship to Bonnie and Clyde on this track shows how much he wants this relationship to work.



His voice transcends in a way that it didn’t on his last project. In fact, he didn’t need features this time around. Although it was nice to hear vocals from The Weeknd and Rihanna, Future would’ve been able to hold his own as he does on “Fresh Air.” There are no use of skits which proves the consistent flow of the project. “I’m losing you and you know it,” he’s aware of not only what’s best for him but his partner as well.


He hints to his struggle between SAVAGE and his caring persona. After having a consistent album about love and wanting to try again, there are tracks such as “Hallucinating” and “Keep Quiet,” which hints back to his ‘player’ mentality. In “Keep Quiet” Future is interested in someone who is taken. In “Hallucinating,” some of the standout lyrics are: “That b**ch get on my nerves, man, I had to send her out to St. Tropez” and “Everyday one of my hoes fallin’ in love.”



As the album comes to an end, Future becomes the most vulnerable he’s ever been. On “Turn On Me” he admits to getting betrayed by a woman he least expected. His reference to lawsuits brings up the question of whether he is referencing his ex-fiancé, Ciara. He is coming to terms with the idea that it’s best to be “Solo” although there are times where he is “Selfish.” He admits that he doesn’t want “to let her down.” The very last song of the album, is the perfect ending. “Sorry” is the apology a person so desperately needs at the end of a breakup. Future offers closure to what was a rollercoaster, soul-baring, fun, and heartfelt relationship.


Future told Beats 1 Radio when discussing his ideas behind HNDRXX:

“This album is more personal. When I was trying to have the honest album and I was like “Oh okay”. I was just using it as a title instead of being able to be honest in the music. This is it, this is HNDRXX. It’s a big responsibility to deliver your projects the right way, because you know your words are gonna spread a long way. That’s why I wanna make sure that everyone listened to this with a complete ear and understanding.”


So on a scale of one to ten, the album gets a solid 8.3. Future’s ability to display his soul-baring thoughts as someone who once portrayed himself as a SAVAGE is commendable. Fans are admitting that this is the male version of Beyoncé’s Lemonade. All in all, this LP was solid, and reminiscent to the R&B Future, who admitted to having feelings. After this project, he also made it okay for everyone to admit they have them as well.


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