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Who Is Dayna Marie?


I knew I wanted to be a journalist at the early age of ten years old. I received many honors while attending Hunter College, including getting on the Dean’s List more than twice. I majored in Journalism and minored in Dance. What separates me from most is my eagerness and determination to get ahead. With that in mind, I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree at twenty-one, within a three year period.



I landed my first internship at Cumulus Media because of my experience as a writer for Hunter College’s online publication. I proved to Cumulus Media, that as a digital intern, I wanted to stay and grow. After three months of interning for Cumulus and working with the four different stations: 77 WABC, NASH 94.7, Radio 103.9, and 95.5 PLJ, my boss began discussing the possibility of promoting me as the new social media manager. I gathered everything I learned from Cumulus and interned for HOT 97 where I was exposed to all aspects of radio and quite a bit of writing.



Shortly after completing my internship with HOT 97, I was offered another internship, this time for Vibe Magazine. I had the opportunity to write over sixty articles for Vibe and publish an interview piece for Oprah Winfrey’s “O’s Girls” special. I not only wrote for Vibe, but I also have a self-titled website (daynamariejournalist.com) where I write album reviews, entertainment stories, and conduct interviews. On this website I’ve interviewed “Collateral Beauty” actor Jacob Latimore, “Dance Moms” star Gianna Martello and Beyoncé’s main dancers: Ashley Everett, Dnay Baptiste, and Amandy Fernandez. After my work with Vibe, I served as the Entertainment Writer for AtlantaBlackStar.com and the News Writer for MusicTimes.com. Currently, I am an Entertainment Writer for Kontrol Magazine and a Social Media Brand Ambadassor for Poppy Apparel. 

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EMAIL: Daynamariejournalist@gmail.com

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One comment on “Who Is Dayna Marie?

  1. Dayna, Mrs. Chhattani is very proud of your accomplishment since graduating Little Flower Prep School. With your ambition, drive & perpetuous determination, soon we will all enjoy seeing you anchoring the news one day.

    Liked by 1 person

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