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Nipsey Hussle: The Marathon Continues Through His Legacy


When news broke on March 31, 2019, that Nipsey Hussle had been fatally shot, the world wasn’t mentally prepared. However, that moment quickly became undeniable when videos of the horrific shooting swarmed social media.


Regardless if you are a die-hard Nipsey fan or someone who never listened to his music before the tragic event, there’s no denying the instant heartache one feels knowing that another life was lost due to gun violence. Nipsey was a man who acted out of love. He loved his community, friends, family, and his unapologetic blackness.


Nipsey believed in giving back to his community and friends. Prior to the unfortunate shooting, Nipsey visited his store The Marathon Clothing to help his ex-convict friend with clothes after being released from prison. Sadly, that would be his last act of kindness on this earth.


The father of two left behind much more than music. Looking back on his past interviews, Nipsey possessed vast knowledge, which is rare. The Victory Lap rapper spoke on the importance of researching, buying real estate, and staying true to who you are as a person. Eleven years ago, Nipsey released one of his earliest mixtapes Bullets Ain’t Got No Name No. 2. On the tape’s second track “Hussle in the House,” the Slauson Avenue rapper dropped gems on the significance of financial matters. “Pay taxes to these corners and put in work, it’s a policy,” he raps.


Last year, during an interview on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, the Grammy-nominated rapper recommended a book to the radio host. He suggested that Charlamagne Tha God read The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida. Nipsey was a man who wasn’t afraid to share what he knew with others.


During his memorial service at L.A’s Staples Center, which held over 15,000 people looking to pay their respects, everyone spoke highly of the 33-year-old rapper. Nipsey’s longtime girlfriend Lauren London touched briefly in her eulogy about the ways in which Nipsey sought to protect their family on a daily basis.


“He would wake up in the morning and play music for the kids and light a sage and burn it around the house, just to make sure that our energy going outside would be uplifting and we could handle the day,” London recalled while remembering her late boyfriend.


The Marathon can’t stop now. Nipsey put in too much work for us not to continue in his footsteps to change the world. We as people can take little strides to improve our everyday lives. For example, one can learn more about buying real estate, reading more books, or being a friend that someone can count on. It’s rare when someone’s impact is able to affect a wide variety of people, and Nipsey was able to do just that. His legacy will live on and that is his Victory Lap.


“But what is a mistake without the lesson? See, the best teacher in life is your own experience. None of us know who we are until we fail. They say every man is defined by his reaction to any given situation. Well, who would you want to define you? Someone else or yourself? Whatever you do, homie, give your heart to it and stay strong.” – Nipsey Hussle



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