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#InMyFeelingsChallenge: Ranking The Best Videos on The Internet


credit: Getty Images

“Keke, do you love me? Are you riding?”


Since the release of Drake’s Scorpion, the #InMyFeelings challenge has taken the Internet by storm. Instagram comedian Shiggy, who created the basic dance moves for the challenge, is a major reason the single has streamed over 116 million times last week. Drizzy has thanked Shiggy for his help on the single’s rise to success and joked about Shiggy’s check getting lost in the mail.


The music video which was shot in New Orleans is said to be releasing soon. Lala Anthony, who is playing the role of Keke, posted to her Instagram herself on set. Karena Evans, the director, has worked with Drizzy in the past for visuals such as “I’m Upset” and “Nice For What.” Until the visual drops, here are the top ten videos crafted around the Internet’s latest challenge.



10. DaniLeigh

DaniLeigh was one of the first artists to take a stab at the challenge. It’s commendable that her feet continuously move throughout the entire video.




9. Kirk Franklin

Kirk Franklin and his wife showcasing that black love always wins.



8. Drake

Drizzy, the artist behind the song, took part in the challenge. The Toronto artist performed the moves while on stage showing the world why he has such caliber.



7. Dr.Rubinshtein 

How important is finishing the job when there’s an #InMyFeelingsChallenge out? Dr.Rubinshtein offers a sense of humor in a work setting.




6. Ballerina Maxine Hupy

For anyone who is not used to standing on the tips of their toes, it is a very difficult task. However, this ballerina showed versatility while looking effortless.



5. Celebrity Choreographer Aliya Janell

The choreographer behind Nicki Minaj’s “Chun Li” video put a sexy twist on this challenge. Aliya and her girls added some ground-breaking twerking, literally.



4. Odell Beckham Jr.

Odell does no wrong in our hearts. His smile while performing the simplistic moves can steal anyone’s heart.



3. Ciara

It wouldn’t be a dance challenge if the dancing queen didn’t partake in it. Her husband rightfully serves as her hype man.



2. Steph and Ayesha Curry’s 6-Year-old daughter, Riley Curry

I don’t know what’s more impressive about this video- her ability to stay on beat or the fact that a six-year-old is able to hop out of her own whip.




  1. Will Smith – The Winner !

Drake announced Will Smith was the winner as well. Smith took the challenge to new heights in Budapest.


Drake released the video after I published my piece. Take a look below.


4 comments on “#InMyFeelingsChallenge: Ranking The Best Videos on The Internet

  1. CalebRaves
    August 1, 2018

    Will Smith definitely took it to another level. I think everyone just quit after his lol. Nice write up!

    Liked by 1 person

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