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“Chixtape 4” Mixtape Review

tory_lanez_chixtape_4_mixtape_cover_artTo say that Tory Lanez is having a great start into the new year would be an understatement. The Canadian artist debuted Chixtape 4 on (Jan. 01) which features twelve tracks and has only one featured artist. Lanez is noted as a producer on more than half of the songs which compliments his ear for the overall sound. Lanez is also up for a Grammy nomination, and with the release of this mixtape, he’ll give his soulful fans something to talk about till then.

The mixtape begins with a female having a conversation with her friend, debating whether or not she wants to “f**k” with Lanez. Although it is not considered a real track because it only contains a conversation, Lanez sets the tone with it. It was only right that the “Say It” singer would include another interlude track where he has a conversation with his friend. Lanez gets advice on the dangers of hopping from girl to girl. However, Lanez expressed the dangers of not being able to settle down with a girl as the body of work continued. From tracks such as “Aaliyah”, “Slow Down” and “Differences” Lanez is taking his friend’s advice and wants a lover. This differs from the beginning of the work when Lanez sings about lust as proven on “Slow Motion.”

The thought that comes to mind when hearing that Lanez sampled almost every hit 2000’s song is, “Does he not have any creativity?” The Toronto artist has been known to remix songs and put his own spin on it. This was proven on “Say It” and his summer sixteen single “Luv.” He also proves the naysayers wrong by once again finding a way to make a throwback remix make you smile from ear to ear such as R.Kelly’s “Ignition.” Although the beat and chorus are sampled, the verses are thought out carefully. In fact, Lanez’s wordplay on this mixtape is commendable.

Just like some of the 2000’s hit songs, it can get a bit tiring if you’re not in the mood for it. There are times when the tracks start to feel fantastic but makes you zone out a little. This is shown on “One Call,” Differences”, and “Just A Friend.”

The songs that are a “must listen” to are “Slow Grind”and “Proud Family.” If I must say so myself, “Proud family” is tied with “Slow Grind” for best track on the body of work. “Slow Grind” shows Lanez’s versatility. One doesn’t usually hear him get too sexual on a song, so to hear him match his sultry vocals on a throwback sample was the perfect intro/second song.

Who else would be able to make a “Proud Family” themed song poppin again? Lanez is able to turn the message around and admits to wanting to put away his pride for his love. He displays vulnerability and it is shown through his voice and lyrics. It’s not easy for men to admit that they messed up a good thing with a female and he does exactly that on this track. He says, “I know my pride ain’t always like myself, it’s hurting you more than anybody else. Everyday what I try not to do, is let my pride get between me and you.”

So on a scale of one to ten, ten being this is one of the greatest mixtapes of 2017 thus far, Lanez gets a solid 7.3. The mixtape is great for those who want a nostalgic feel about some of the songs that they loved. However, for those music lovers who like to hear original thoughts, ideas, beats and samples, this mixtape is not for them. Fans took their reactions to Twitter and thanked the artist for bringing back the nostalgic 2000’s sounds everyone loves.

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