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‘FUTURE’ Album Review: The Super Trapper Is Back


credit: Instagram/@future

Future who is known for “too much sauce” gave fans just that. The Atlanta native rapper debuted his self-titled album on Feb.17. What fans love most about this LP? There are no features.


Future’s decision to have a seventeen track album without the help of any other artist– shows his strength in his ability to hold his own.  The FREEBANDZ artist is known for having outstanding beats and this project didn’t disappoint. He teamed up with DJ Esco with help for production.


“He’s too persistent and too consistent” as it is proven on “POA.” The intro track, Rent Money which is produced by DJ Khaled, isn’t the strongest, but shows how aware the “Low Life” rapper is. “Good Dope” was the perfect follow through record after such a demanding intro because of the lyrics and delivery. As the album goes on, it gets better in terms of flow, clarity, and message. It’s no surprise that Future would ask himself on “Outta Time,” “Who knew I’d get this much attention?”


What allows the album to flow consistently while listening to solely Future’s vocals are his use of skits and experimentation of different beats. He’s arrogant and he has every right to be. He shows his success by pointing out his numerous diamond necklaces on “Poppin Tags.” Future Hendrix referenced the new President midway through the LP on “High Off Demand.” He said, “We do a whole lotta numbers, grab on that p*ssy like Donald.” Let’s not forget about the “gang, gang, gang” fun intro for “Flip.”


It’s no plot twist that Future has been solely focused on his music.  Last month, the “Used To This” rapper did a interview with Zane Lowe on Beats 1 where he expressed, “I wanted to give the music attention.” He went on to say:

“I wanna be able to shut down and be able to give my fans all of me. Being able to take some of these personal experiences, taking certain things that I’ve been going through and being able to just create and feed off the energy and put everything in the music.I want you to hear this and be like, ‘Man he gave us all of him. He let everything out.’ You ain’t get it from a tweet. If there was a tweet that I felt like saying at the time, you’ll be able to hear it in the music.”


The Atlanta rapper has the support of Toronto’s Finest, Drake, who admitted that “Draco” is his favorite track on the project. After listening to the self-titled work numerous amounts of time, “Draco” and “When I Was Broke” are the best tracks. “Draco” works because of it’s slower paced beat which still bumps as hard as the other tracks. Future states on “Draco,” “You ain’t ever gonna get your b*tch back,” which ultimately is the SAVAGE persona we LOVE. “When I Was Broke” shows Future’s humbleness and his acknowledgement as to how far he has come. He put away his SAVAGE persona to spit some relatable facts about what it means to never give up.



So on a scale of one to ten, ten being Future did his thing without the help of anyone, the album gets a solid 7.9. He is proving that he is not changing his style for anyone, and doesn’t need to because of his rich flow, sales, and supportive fan base.



Read the lyrics for each track here and be ready for his #NobodySafeTour which will be quite promising.

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