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5 Makeup Mistakes to Avoid Making This Summer

credit: YouTube/@Vogue

A woman who does her makeup can be compared to a painter with their paintbrush. Makeup is designed to be fun and has the ability to showcase one’s creativity. With summer approaching, it’s important to look and feel your best. If you’re someone who loves a good “beat” face then knowing makeup mistakes to avoid is crucial. Below are five makeup errors to avoid while getting ready for a day in the sun.



1.Not Letting Your Mascara Dry After Making a Mistake

credit: cosmo

Unfortunately, we’ve all been here. While rushing to do your makeup, there is that inevitable moment where mascara lands on your face rather than on your eyelashes. In this scenario, the best course of action is to wait. The natural instinct is to try and correct the mistake immediately. However, trying to wipe away mascara that hasn’t completely dried causes it to spread over your entire canvas. Take a moment, focus on another task, then remove that minor error with a dry q-tip.



2. Not Contouring to Compliment Your Face Shape

credit: YouTube/KimKardashian

The beauty behind makeup is that you can either enhance or hide features. Let’s face it, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez are the queens of contouring. An easy rule to follow is the rule of three, which means contouring along the hairline, top of your cheekbone, and jaw bone. While using a matte/cream bronzer, it’s best to remember that less is more. Follow your face shape accordingly and enjoy the instant difference.



3. Not Finding Your Perfect Glow

credit: instagram/@desiperkins

The Golden Hour selfie is a must this summer. When the sunlight hits your face, it’s important to have on a highlighter that allows one to look like they are glowing from within. There are many highlighters on the market so this can be quite difficult. I’ve found that highlighters that contain less glitter always have the best pay off.



4. Incorrectly Colormatching Your Concealer or Foundation After a Tan

credit: YouTube/MsAaliyahJay

After a day of fun in the sun, one might get an occasional summer tan. While at your local beauty store, do not make the mistake of trying to color match yourself by solely testing the product on the back of your hand. Surprisingly, the complexion of one’s hands differs in comparison to one’s face. The correct color-testing method is to see the product along the neck, forehead, and jawline.



5. Not Filling in Your Eyebrows to Compliment Your Entire Look

credit: instagram/@kyliecosmestics

When it comes to brows, it’s important to focus on the sparse areas. Instead of trying to create a completely new brow shape, try enhancing the brow that you already have. It’s best to start with small strokes until your brow is filled to your liking. Always remember, “sisters not cousins.” For the average makeup user, it can be quite difficult to achieve the exact same brow shape on both sides. However, aiming for brows that are similar is a much better approach.



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