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“What A Time To Be Alive” – Mix-tape Review


New generation of hip-hop listeners dreams finally came true! After multiple rumors, the Dirty Sprite rapper and Take Care rapper have teamed up. Drake and Future promoted the mix-tape one day prior to it’s release, September 20th, through Instagram. The promotion was enough to sell $334,000 in the first week. What A Time To Be Alive reminds fans of exactly what it means to be alive showing off both rappers strength lyrically.

What A Time To Be Alive features 11 songs. The last two songs are both rappers individually which is quite a nice touch to remind the audience of who they are. The title of the mixtape describes the music. The beats are grand and allegro. The order in which the album plays tells the story of happiness, success and the life that they live as a result of it.

This mix-tape is a success because both take rappers take turns letting one overshadow each other and yet it still sounds like a win for the both of them. This is an exception for the most talked about song, Diamonds Dancing. The longest song on the mix-tape, which is five-minutes, is great because they match each other’s sound. This is also interesting because it gives some type of reasoning behind the cover art. The cover art is just a grey background with amount eight diamonds. Future goes back to his original sound from Turn on the Lights and Drake taps into his new found sound over the summer, Days In The East. With its small and catchy beat, both artists voice compliment the beat in such a way that you don’t realize that their voices switch from in and out from one another a lot. The beat becomes engrossing as both rappers repeatedly say “Diamonds, diamonds, diamonds, diamonds on me dancing.”

Future won while Drake took a loss on arguably the songs in the beginning of the mix-tape. With songs such as Digital Dash, Live From the Gutter, and Big Rings. Future stands out because of his lyric ability to match the beat’s pace. The Dirty Sprite rapper is known for rapping quickly. However, instead of rapping fast like he usually does when he had the chance to on his solo record, “Jersey,” he decides not to. It was pleasing to hear that Future can be versatile and waited for a project like this to show that ability. Rather than getting personal with the content of the song, Future stays true to his “trap/hood” persona and talks about falling in love with money.

Drake has his chance at winning as well. The Young Money artist shines on songs such as I’m The Plug, Plastic Bag, Change Locations, and Jumpman. These songs work for Drake where he is able to keep up with the beat or sometimes decided to rap louder than the beat which is great for those listeners who love Drake’s lyrics. Jumpan‘s beat sounds like someone beating their fist against the wall repeatedly but it works. Drake matched the beat by rapping quick and lively whereas Future fails to keep up. This is shown once again on I’m the Plug where listeners can hear the same pounding beat with a touch of the drum. As soon as Drake begins rapping, you forget Future began the song because his flow matches the quickness of the beat.

As fast as Drake rapped on these songs, he slowed it down just like Future for his solo song which concludes the mix-tape, “30 for 30 Freestyle.” The beat is so small and transparent that it sounds as if Drake is not rapping on one. This is great because it gives viewers the chance to hear exactly what the rapper is saying. He addressed the issue with rapper, Meek Mill, where he says to never question the originality of his lyrics again.

Overall, this 11 songs mix-tape was a great surprise for listeners who love real Hip-Hop. This was a great rise for Future who released “Dirty Sprite 2” two months ago. This is great for Drake who is set to release his fourth album later this year. The duo said they created the mix-tape in six days similar to how God created the world in seven days. Was this mix-tape a gift from God himself? What A Time To Be Alive is worth the hour to listen to. Your ears will thank you.

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