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Waist Trainers — Feature Story



Over the years several products have been promising women “the dream body” that always seems so difficult to obtain. These include unsafe habits such as laxatives, pills, and overuse of exercise machines. As of recent, celebrities such as The Kardashians, Blac Chyna, Carmen Electra, Snooki, Jessica Alba, Ciara, and Kim Zolciak all have one thing in common: waist trainers. Waist trainers, or commonly known as corsets in the 1800s, have given women the look of an hour-glass frame. With all the recent buzz in the media, waist trainers are making a statement on a woman’s view of their body and their susceptibility to mimic favorite celebrities regardless of the consequence.

Waist trainers can be described as a material designed to tightly hug around your midsection. Each one varies depending on carrier. Most trainers have three rows of hooks that can be adjusted according to one’s waist size. Ultimately, the size of the trainer reflects how much weight you’ve lost. When a woman is able to hook their trainer to the hook that is furthest away from the middle of their stomach, it is a reflection on how small their waist is becoming.

With various waist training companies, they all promise the same thing: create an hourglass frame. One waist training company that has been getting a lot of hashtags, retweets, and likes would be Premadonna’s “Waist Gang Society.” Waist Gang Society’s waist trainer sales sold twice as much once the Kardashians sponsored their product. It is no surprise the amount of customers Premadonna has based on the differentiation of her trainers. “The Works!,” “Waist Shaper,” “No More Back Fat!, and “Sweat Fitness Belt” are four different trainers a customer can try to change their shape. The lowest trainer on the site is $120 and the highest price shaper is $150.

Taking the easy way out sounds ideal for someone who has a busy schedule. When one doesn’t have time for the gym, it sounds convenient to hook on a waist trainer and go on with your schedule. However, taking the easy way out has made customers suffer through difficult consequences.

Due to the fact these corsets are designed to tightly squeeze your midsection, the same results happen to the internal organs. According to womenshealthmag.com, waist trainers can cause suppressive damages to your insides. Difficulty breathing from having the trainer on too tight or simply wearing one that it is too small can result in rib damage. Ideally, the trainer is supposed to be worn for an hour during a workout to help the body lose weight. After the trainer is off, the stomach is supposed to gradually mimic the size of the trainer on it’s own.Dr. Paul Nassif, Botched reality star, said “In addition to compressing the diaphragm, there is potential for internal organ compression causing kidney, gastrointestinal and lung issues.”

According to screwlife.com, a Ghanaian actress, Moesha Boduong, collapsed while window shopping in West Hill, Ghana’s biggest mall. The actress spent two hours walking around the mall without buying anything. When Boduong crashed to the floor, shoppers didn’t believe she was a real person due to the weird shape created by the four waist trainers she was wearing. Upon arrival of the ambulance, the four trainers were ripped from her body individually which allowed for her to regain consciousness. After waking up Boduong refused medical care and said she was fine.

Reality stars like Kim Kardashian hashtag the word “hourglass” and Kylie Jenner has said after seeing how “bomb” her sisters look she had to give to it a try. Khloe Kardashian has said as one of her captions on Instagram to show off her tiny waist, “there’s nothing wrong a little help.” The problem is that there’s something wrong with a little help especially from life risking product. With celebrities promoting waist trainers regardless of the fact that they are paid to do so, it is impacting women in their twenties to see nothing with them as well.

Women in media are now embracing curves and celebrating what it means to be “bootyful” as Tyra Banks, supermodel known for her hourglass frame, would say. This is a total different approach compared to ten years ago when a woman’s dream body was wearing a double 0 pants size. Kate Moss and Megan Fox are known for suffering from eating disorders and wouldn’t have understood the waist trainer obsession at the time. “I could go an entire week without eating,” said Megan Fox, famous actress, when asked about her eating disorder by US Weekly Magazine.

Both waist trainers and eating disorders are harmful when it comes to a woman’s health. It raises the question of beauty and the definition of the word. Resembling a coke bottle shape or seeing 99 pounds on a scale reflects negatively on celebrities because they are the cause for everyday women wanting this. Whether it is done to look like Kim Kardashian or to like what one sees when they look in the mirror, these aren’t sufficient reasons to start waist training and put one’s life in danger.

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