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12:19 p.m.


…. Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months , years


Time is such a precious gift that most take for granted.

If there is one thing I want the most, it is time.

Time to fix , heal, renew.

Can we go back to the time where we both had a fresh start?

Or can we fast forward to a time where we both forget?

Can we live in the moment of now ?

You know what I find more and more each day? Time waits for no one.

Time waits for no one like how I waited for you.

I spent seconds, minutes, hours, days , weeks , months , a year waiting for you.

& Where am I right now?

Sitting here waiting.

Waiting for you to realize that every second , minute, hour, and month, I spent with you I fell in love with you.

But sadly, with time, you’ll eventually realize that the seconds, minutes, hours, days , weeks, months, and years you go ignoring me

… I’ve already used that time to learn to live without you.

We always think we have all the time in the world to grow and learn

Until time teaches us that we can’t start over, or go back, we have to take what’s given.

You were given to me & I was patient with you. .. All I ever wanted from you was patience

But you thought time was escaping you and couldn’t give it to me …



Time has taught me one thing: keep moving forward .

The clock never stops ticking and I can’t stop living .

Time made me think you could change , but time also showed me that you didn’t want to.

I waited as long as I could ..

You are gone now..

But time is still here .

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