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“Work” Music Video Review

After teasing her fans all weekend, Rihanna drops her first video for her eighth studio album, Anti, “Work.” “Work” features none other than Drake in an entertaining two segment video. The eight-time Grammy winner released her highly anticipated video yesterday on February 22nd. After posting two pictures on Instagram over the weekend, the video has over eleven million Youtube views.

The video was directed by two well-acclaimed directors Tim Erem (who directed “Too Original” and “Lean On” for Major Lazer) and Director X (who directed “Hotline Bling” for Drake not too long ago.) Director X is in charge of the first video which has a party theme behind it. Erem is in charge of the second video, which focuses more on Rihanna and Drake as they are the only people in that segment.

Work features different elements inside of it that gives fans something to gravitate to even if you aren’t too fond of the highly repetitive words in the song. Director X makes sure to focus on the idea of what it means to have fun in a party. The audience is able to see what a true free spirit “basement party” looks like. It’s no surprise fans are comparing it to Rihanna’s “Pon De Replay” in 2005 or Sean Paul’s “Get Busy” in 2002 because Director X was the mastermind behind those as well.

 There are people grinding on each other (that includes Rihanna and Drake), people drinking, smoking, and overall having a great time. Director X successfully captures what it means to have a great time in a tight space which is what happens in a party. There are moments where Rihanna is dancing by herself in this basement like room. It is entertaining to watch because the viewer gets a sense of what it feels like to party with this Bajan pop star. Director X stays true to the party theme by not allowing any outfit changes. Rihanna starts in a two side split, multi-colored dress, and ends in that dress. The same goes for Drake as he is in a red, black and white sweatsuit that reads none other than, “OVO.”

Tim Erem on the other hand, vouched for the duo by saying they have natural chemistry. This might be due to the fact that the duo have done videos together in the past including: “What’s My Name” and “Take Care.” It’s evident that he kept this idea as he gets Rihanna to grind on Drake some more in this pink colored room that sets the tone of intimacy. His portion of the video features Rihanna dancing in the front of the camera while Drake sits back on the couch and watches. When it is time for Drake to lip-sync his verse, he gets in front of the camera and raps his verse in a casual fun way. The video ends with the two grinding and hugging each other which compliments the “natural chemistry” Erem had originally pointed out.

Director X is accustomed to getting different memes made by fans based on videos he directed. Not too long ago there were a lot of memes poking fun of Drake’s dancing in “Hotline Bling.” Within a short amount of time of the video being released, there have been several memes created. Some taken out of proportion and some that apply perfectly. For example, there is a meme of Rihanna dancing and Drake sitting on the couch resting his head on his hand with a caption that reads: “When she’s a headache but you know she’s worth it.”

Overall, the two different videos do great jobs of portraying a once in a lifetime party and Drake and Rihanna’s chemistry. After watching the video countless times, one question remains: when will the two finally get together? As Drake would say, “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late” but it’s not, because the video is attached below. “Work” is truly a work of art.




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