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“Views” Album Review


Drake sees the ultimate “Views” with his fourth consecutive album selling over a million copies in one week. The long awaited album made its debut on April 29th, 2016. The 29-year-old Canadian rapper fails to show lyrical strength but proves his growth in the marketing scheme of the business.

Drake deserves a pat on the back for his efforts to keep a flow for the album. With twenty songs that made the final cut, the artist found a way to make it continuous by finding fun add-ons or voice overs. Examples of this can be found on songs like, “Child Play,” which starts off with a joke. “If your girlfriend has gone to any seasonal basketball games, best believe she’s f****ing someone on the basketball team.” Another example is on “Faithful” where Drake includes Amber Rose, model who previously divorced Wiz Khalifa, voice that he recorded in an Instagram video two years ago. The beats on this album are all different and that is commendable. Drake proves his ability to find a way to rap and sing on the beat whether it is fast or slow. “With You,” which features his artist, PartyNextDoor, is a fast paced song on the album which immediately follows a slow beat, “Faithful” which Drake finds no trouble making the easy transition into.

As mentioned earlier, the album contains twenty songs. This album could’ve have been sixteen solid songs instead. Four songs on the album should’ve have been singles rather than making it to the final cut. Examples of this are “Too Good” which features Rihanna, “Summer’s Over Interlude,” “Hotline Bling,” and the most disappointing of all, “Keep The Family Close.” “Keep The Family Close” is disappointing because it is the intro song which is supposed to be the strongest song. It is the track that welcomes and sets the tone for the album. Drake who is known for strong intros in the past like “Over My Dead Body” and “Tuscan Leather” lost his chance to prove himself once again.

The Canadian rapper got carried away with the amount of producers he allowed to make their mark on this album. Thirty producers are credited towards having an impact on this body of work. This is a significant increase from previous album “Take Care,” which had fifteen producers and “Nothing Was The Same” which had twenty. This is part of the reason as to why the album doesn’t succeed due to the fact it sounds like many different ideas and not a solid one.

There are positive tracks that show Drake’s fantastic rapping style such as, “U With Me,” “Pop Style,” which the rapper holds his own on after boldly deciding to remove well-deserving rappers Jay-Z and Kanye’s verses off the original track.

Overall, Drake has become a marketing genius. For a whole year he said on social media, “Views coming soon.” On the day of it’s release, he created his own geotag for snapchat that said “My Views,” where fans shared themselves using that geotag and playing the album at the same time. One question remains: Did Drake reach one million in one week due to the greatness of the sound or because of his strong fanbase? Either way, Drake shows he won’t stop as he is launching his joint tour with Future, “Summer Sixteen,” this summer. “Views” is an interesting body of work that deserves a round of applause for how it was marketed rather than the actual sound of it.








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