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“Lemonade” Album Review


It is impossible to hear the word “Lemonade” and only think about the drink. When you thought you figured out all Beyoncé has left to sing about, the star surprises you with one more concept. The 22-Grammy winner released “Lemonade” on April 23rd, 2016. “Lemonade” is successful because of Beyoncé’s vocal range on the album, meaning and production.

The album features twelve songs, which is the shortest album Beyoncé has released in her solo career. She maintains her usual routine of not having too many features: The Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar, Jack White, and James Blake.

Beyoncé’s ability to take you on a journey of different emotions that tells a story from start to end is commendable. She tells the story of a woman who has been cheated on. She goes from hoping that he figures out she knows the truth, to realizing she’s too good for this, to seeing that they are going through a love drought, but with forgiveness and the ability to stop blaming herself, she is able to save her marriage. The way in which Beyoncé is able to tell that story in only twelve songs shows how her mind works differently as an artist.

The 34-year-old Texas singer’s vocals have grown dramatically. This is evident on “Sandcastles” where she hits notes that gives the listener chills each time you hear it. Her versatility by not keeping it slow and depressing but also having fun/uplifting songs are evident on songs such as “Sorry” and “Formation.” Beyoncé shows versatility by stepping away from her typical R&B/pop sound and plays around with a country feeling for “Daddy Lessons” and rock sound for “Don’t Hurt Yourself.”

One of the biggest problems with this album is Beyoncé finds a way to make Soulja Boy subtly relevant again with a reference to one of his lines in his song, “Turn My Swagg On,” which was released back in 2009. At the end of the album you learn to hate “Becky with the good hair” and you never exactly figure out who that is. If you weren’t apart of the Beyhive before, you will definitely become a member after hearing this album.



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