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“Major Key” Album Review

major keyEvery artist you love with a flaming hot beat that matches their lyrical style: that is the definition of a Major Key. DJ Khaled dropping this album was a “Major Key” in his career as this album has brought him the most success he has seen thus far. The 40-year-old record producer released his ninth studio album on July 29th. The album lives up to it’s widely known title as Khaled finds the perfect way to compliment artists unique sounds together.

Khaled Mohamed Khaled aka DJ Khaled didn’t randomly pick artists to feature on this album—-which is why you’ll end up falling in love with it! Artists on this album range from iconic rappers such as Nas and Jay-Z, new artists like Bryson Tiller, lyrical genius Kendrick Lamar, Fabolous, Young Jeezy, Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj, and last but not least, Future Hendrix. Future has the most features on this album, a total of four, making him stand out the most. Khaled tried interesting mixtures by who he decided to let collaborate on the same songs. For example, putting Bryson Tiller, new artist who is making his way in hip-hop with hit songs like “Don’t” and “Exchange” on the same track with Future. Hearing Fabolous and Busta Rhymes on the same track was also an interesting experience that worked together because of Khaled’s unique ear for knowing which rappers are going to bring out the best in each other.

“Major Key” has become Khaled’s signature due to the fact that he made it distinctly popular with every snap he made on SnapChat. You see the significance of how much he has taken a toll on culture just by the various usage of the hashtag on multiple social media platforms. This is similar to Drake who saw success with his latest album, Views, because of the promotion he did through SnapChat. Social media is tying a great deal into album sales and only a few have learned to benefit from it successfully as Khaled has. This is probably another reason Khaled has sold 50,000 more copies than his previous album, I Changed A Lot, which only sold 25,000 in the first week.


Nas used majority of his feature to repeat the lines, “that’s a major key,” which stays in your head even after the song is done. Let’s give DJ Khaled a pat on the back for single handily giving Jay-Z one of the hottest tracks which is also the intro for the album, as he raps both verses on “I Got The Keys.” This is probably no surprise since DJ Khaled has been opening up on tour for no other than Queen Bey herself on her Formation World Tour. Beyonce, who is known for usually not having artists open for her, made a statement by choosing Khaled as one of the artists to entertain her audience.


Besides Future having the most features on this album, Big Sean is another artist to take into account for someone who stands out greatly on this body of work. Big Sean is featured on two songs but his lyrical ability and catchy lines are what makes him memorable compared to all the other mentionable names. Big Sean reminds listeners of how great he is by rapping none other than Usher’s hit single back in the 90’s, “You Make Me Wanna.” The “Dark Sky Paradise” rapper helps give Khaled the extra boost on the album which makes you want to play it over and over again.

The only downfall on the album is hearing a song like “Do You Mind” which sounds too similar to Khaled’s 2015 hit which featured the same exact artists: Future, August Alsina, Chris Brown. The only difference this time around was the Young Money rapper, Nicki Minaj.

Overall on a scale of one to amazing, let’s just say Khaled has officially took over the summer with this one. This album is an example of a “Major Key” as it shows his growth and where he is headed for the future.



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