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The equation: 04.16.16


She promised herself that she wouldn’t do another long post about him, and somehow she couldn’t help herself. He’s one of the best people she’s met and she can’t stop this feeling. The feeling that she’s going crazy because she’s willing to have him in her life by any means necessary. She’s aware that she may not be his only one, yet that doesn’t prevent her from wanting him which she finds so scary. Why would she want him at a cost that’s more beneficial to him and hurtful to her? Because she doesn’t feel the pain when she’s with him?


“You can do so much better than him, why bother?” Is all she hears when she talks to someone about him. Not that it sets off a switch in her heart. But would she really want it to if she had the option? Why does he have a way of making her forget what’s real? Is it because of the way he holds her closely all night and tells her he loves her? Or that he’s never met someone so pure and honest as her. I don’t know. The only Virgo she’s ever talked to, and now she sees why her horoscope said when she meets one, her whole life would change. Apart of her wants to ask if she’s your only one. But her heart isn’t ready to hear the truth, the answer that she already knows.


Besides, if she feels the need to ask him that, she’s already lost. You would think it’s when he’s inside her that she feels the closest to him. But it’s actually when she has her head on his chest, and she hears his heart beating pound for pound. She’s gonna ask. Because the longer she keeps dwelling, the more she’ll get hurt. Because she’s here catching real feelings for one who already has two. That equation doesn’t add up and because of that, one of them has to subtract themselves from the problem. She has a deep feeling, it’s gonna be her.

“She was a smart girl, until she fell in love.”

– adventure time


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