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Drake’s Interview on HBO’s ‘The Shop’ with LeBron James Reveals Four Major Life Lessons

drake the shop

credit: cavallifurs via YouTube

Drake has proven that he has learned a thing or two throughout his career. The Toronto rapper sat down with LeBron James and Maverick Carter for HBO’s sports series, The Shop, which aired on Oct. 12. Champagne Papi discussed his summer feud with G.O.O.D Music signee Pusha-T, fatherhood, retirement and more, which unveiled four major life lessons.


1. There are Definitive Rules for a Rap Battle

Five months ago, Drake found himself involved in another rap beef, this time with Pusha-T. On Pusha’s diss track “The Story of Adidon,” he attacked Drake character’s for being a “deadbeat dad,” hiding his child from the world and more. Drizzy admitted to LBJ that he wasn’t bothered when Pusha spoke on his fatherhood because it was expected. However, he was bothered when the Daytona rapper wished death on his longtime producer, Noah “40” Shebib. 40, who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis, has been dealing with his illness for quite some time now.


“I study rap battles for a living, now when you mention defenseless people who are sick in the hospital, that passed away, that really sent me to a place where I just believed then and believe now that there’s a price to pay for that,” he began to explain his anger. “It’s just – it’s over.”


The Scorpion rapper, who has been in the game for over a decade now, revealed that poking fun at someone’s illness isn’t a part of rap battle rules. Drake, who seemed extremely bothered when reminiscing about the situation, said that Pusha deserves to be punched in the face for that remark.


“Someone’s gonna punch you in the fucking face,” he explained. “The shit’s done. I wanted to do other things, I didn’t wanna further your reputation or your career by rapping back with you.”


2. The People Closest to You Often Stab You in the Back the Hardest

Kanye West is someone Drake used to admire. The So Far Gone rapper flew out to Wyoming to help with the majority of Ye’s last album, Ye. In an effort to be transparent, Drake told the “All of the Lights” rapper about his Scorpion release date (June 29), his child and the troubles he had with his child’s mother. It now makes sense as to why West made it a point to have weekly June releases around Drizzy’s release date.


“So I played him my music and I told him when I was dropping,” Drake recalled the situation. “I was 60 percent done with Scorpion. He told me he was just working on some beats and he wasn’t dropping until October. While I was in Wyoming I played him ‘March 14th’ and even sent him a picture of my son, I tell him I’m having trouble with my son’s mother. We had a conversation.”


“March 14,” the outro track on Scorpion, is Drake’s reveal to the world that he is a father. This the first positive DNA we ever celebrated/I can’t forget the looks on they faces/Got the news in Miami that now we all got ones that we raisin,” he raps revealing the truth about his son.


The Chicago rapper has denied accusations that he gave Pusha-T ammunition by revealing Drake’s personal information. The Toronto rapper seems unconvinced. On a joint track with French Montana released on Sept. 20, he raps about not wanting to see Ye’s “Yeezy 350” sneakers around him.


Yeah, keepin’ it G, I told her ‘don’t wear no 350s around me,'” he raps. 


3. The Importance of Using Your Time Wisely

Drake used his anger towards Pusha-T as inspiration to continue working on his album. He revealed that Scorpion was only 60 percent done before the rap beef began. After deciding that he wasn’t going to engage in the battle anymore, Drizzy created Billboard’s Hot 100 chart-toppers such as “Nonstop,” “In My Feelings,” “8 out of 10” and “Mob Ties.”


“Never a matter of ‘could I?’ or ‘should I?’/Kiss my son on the forehead then kiss your ass goodbye/As luck would have it, I’ve settled into my role as the good guy/I guess luck is on your side,” he raps on “Mob Ties.”


On the topic of Drake focusing on his creativity, he expressed how good it made him feel. “I just feel pure, I just feel good,” Drake explained. “You know what I did? I took that energy and I put it into me, not you, you don’t get that.”


4. The Importance of Knowing When to Call it Quits

The idea of Drake retiring from music is a sad idea for most of his fans. However, Drake has given the idea some thought. He revealed that it’s important to know how to exit gracefully and not to overstay your welcome.


“I think maybe one of my biggest concerns in my career is just to figure out how to exit gracefully,” Drake explains. “I’ve watched people overstay their welcome, and I just don’t ever want to be that guy that’s addicted to the feeling of victory, addicted to the emotion of people digesting something that they love, and get to the point I’m just feeding them something and they’re just like, ‘Yeah.’”


In other Drizzy-related news, he is currently wrapping up his Aubrey & The Three Migos Tour, which is scheduled to close next month in Atlanta on Nov. 18.  During three tour stops at L.A.’s Staples Center, the OVO boss surprised fans with guest appearances from Chris Brown, Travis Scott, Lil Baby and LeBron James.


Be sure to check out Drake’s full interview on HBO’s The Shop with LeBron James.


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